Chopper Spotter vs. Platform Transporters

A Comparison

COST The initial cost of a platform is less, but consider the cost and operating expenses of the tug. Also consider that the Chopper Spotter can be used on more than one ship. If hangar space is at a premium, the Chopper Spotter takes up much less space and the great maneuverability permits the best space utilization possible--more helicopters in less space. If labor costs are a consideration, the Chopper Spotter is a time saver, and requires only one person to operate.

CONVENIENCE Pre-flight inspection is much easier with your ship on the ground, and you and your passengers will appreciate the ease of getting in and out. Your landing options are enhanced if you are not limited to the platform, and you'll never be faced with the situation of having the helicopter on the ground and needing it on the platform, or vice-versa. Also, the compact size of the Chopper Spotter makes it easy to transport or store.

SAFETY Generally, landing on the ground is safer than on a platform. Let the wind determine your landing direction, not the position of the platform. Your landing area will always be unobstructed, and you will never be faced with leaving the platform outside when the helicopter is away for a period of time.

Land on the ground!

One accident averted more than pays for a Chopper Spotter!


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